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How to Declutter Before you Move

There is no better time to declutter and get rid of unwanted and unneeded items than when you are moving. You can make your moving experience much easier and less costly if there are fewer items to pack and relocate. We have provided some tips on how to declutter before you move.  

Step One: Determine What to Leave Behind

When you move, you are offered a clean slate. This gives you the opportunity to declutter before you move and to discard of all your unwanted and unneeded items. Getting rid of your stuff may seem like a big task and a bit overwhelming; however, it doesn’t have to be. Below are some common items to get rid of before you move:

  • Items you have not used for a while (usually around one year)
  • Belongings and/or furniture you will not use or do not have space for in your new home
  • Multiples or extras you have of things
  • Clothing or other possessions that are no longer your style
  • Broken items or things in need of repair
  • Things that are challenging and/or costly to move

Step Two: Decide How to Best Get Rid of Your Junk

As you declutter before you move, you should determine the level of effort you want to take when disposing of the “no longer needed” items. You have options:

  • Sell Online
    • Pros:
      • There are multiple options for selling your unwanted and unneeded items online. You can target local buyers or send to people far away.
      • You can make some money by selling your things. What is your junk may be someone else’s treasure.
    • Cons:
      • Selling items online takes time and effort. You are required to load photos and descriptions, communicate with buyers, and deliver or package the items.
      • Generally, your belongings need to be in presentable condition, so you likely need to clean and repair items (if needed).
      • Stuff may not easily sell, so it could take some time to rid yourself of everything.
  • Garage Sale
    • Pros:
      • A garage sale allows you to get rid of most of your unwanted belongings all in one go.
      • You can make some extra money.
    • Cons:
      • A garage sale may take a bit of time to organize, prepare for, and manage.
      • You need space to host the garage sale. While you may not need a “garage”, you need room and that could take away from your packing.
      • Everything may not sell, so you may need an additional method to discard of your stuff.
  • Donate
    • Pros:
      • Typically, your unwanted items are going to someone in need and will be used and appreciated.
      • You can likely get rid of most of your items all at once and don’t have to worry about items being unsold.
    • Cons:
      • Before donating your old belongings, you need to ensure that each piece can be used, is in good condition, and has been well cleaned.
      • Prepping items for donation may require more than think, so be sure to check with the donation facility to understand their requirements for accepting donations.
  • Rent a Dumpster
    • Pros:
      • Efficient way to get rid of stuff before moving, as you can easily and quickly toss all items into the container and move on with your packing.
      • You don’t have to clean and prep your items, spend time selling, or worry about items not being sold or accepted for donation.
    • Cons:
      • Your unwanted items are officially waste and will not be reused or “loved” by anyone else.
      • It can be hard to part with things and see them actually go into the trash.

No matter how you declutter before you move, you should do so, as it will simplify your moving process.

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