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Dumpster Equipment in Cleveland | Akron

Prep for your home dumpster rental

Haul-Away provides you with the newest, up to date dumpsters for superior performance and service. We pride ourselves on having clean, well-maintained trucks and dumpsters. We use only lightweight trucks to ensure precision placement of your dumpster, which helps to minimize potential pavement damage. All of our equipment is reliable and constantly maintained to assure that it will work to its fullest potential.

Our trucks are designed with an innovative hook-lift system allowing for easy and precise dumpster placement. They are lightweight which prevents any damage to your pavement. Our dumpsters feature a swinging back door for easy loading, and they are brightly colored orange for maximum visibility and safety. All of our loads are tarped for safety on the roadways. Concrete, stone, or soil removal is limited to 7 yard. Under no circumstances are our dumpsters to be overfilled.